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Dismissal Time - 2:20pm

Gate Opens For Parent Pick-Up - 2:00pm

Early Dismissal Time - 11:05am

Gate Opens For Parent Pick-Up - 10:30am

Early Dismissal Time - 10:20am

Gate Opens For Parent Pick-Up - 10:00am

2023-2024 Welcome

2 months ago

Dear BMS Families,

I extend a heartfelt welcome to each and every one of you as we embark on a new school year at Bellingham Memorial School. Anticipation fills the air for the experiences that await us – the memories to be forged, lessons to be absorbed, skills to be honed, and laughter to be shared.

It is with immense pride and excitement that I address you, marking the commencement of the 2023-2024 academic year. I am both honored and privileged to collaborate with the exceptional and dynamic groups of educators and staff who grace our institution. Mr. Nerbonne and I, alongside our dedicated faculty and staff, remain steadfast in our commitment to perpetuate the legacy of achievement that defines BMS. We will continue to build strong bridges with parents, students, and community partners, nurturing relationships that amplify our shared mission.

Over the past year, our faculty and staff have dedicated themselves to delving deeply into our instructional methodologies, harnessing diverse streams of data to propel collaborative dialogues. These conversations are centered around how we can better address the ever-evolving needs of our students. Our goal is to provide them with an educational journey rooted in the unwavering bedrock of our core values: Perseverance, Accountability, Integrity, and Respect. By doing so, we uphold a pedagogical approach characterized by academic rigor, elevated expectations, practical application, and the cultivation of critical thinking. Simultaneously, we remain resolute in prioritizing the social and emotional well-being of our students, families, teachers, and staff. This commitment stands as a cornerstone within our overarching vision of "Do Your Best, Commit To Success."

As your principal, it is of paramount importance to me that all who enter our doors – teachers, students, and families alike – carry an air of excitement. This spirit fuels our capacity to confront the challenges of academic excellence within a milieu of positivity, enjoyment, and support. My door stands open, a testament to my eagerness to engage with your thoughts. Please know that you are welcome to call or email me at any time to discuss concerns that may arise throughout the school year.

In the collective voice of the Bellingham Memorial School's faculty and staff, we eagerly anticipate the privilege of collaborating with you as a team. Together, we shall guide each student toward their goals, ensuring a successful and fulfilling school year.

Warm regards,

David S. Cutler 


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